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I started seeing Lauren Pitasch almost two years ago. I had little experience with acupuncture, but Lauren came highly recommended so I decided to try something new. Best decision I could have made! Lauren has helped me with my headaches, as well as, various issues I have had along the way. Lauren not only treats me with acupuncture and cupping, but also with body work and herbs depending on my needs. Lauren feels there is more than one approach to healing and she uses a variety of approaches to meet whatever issues I may be having. Truly grateful for how good I I feel! Thank you Lauren!
Julie Fixler 1/26/15

Lauren Pitasch has been my personal miracle worker. I am a 70-year old woman who has been active all my life with the normal aches that goes with aging. Last year Lauren treated and alleviated pain in my leg and lower back due to a bulging disc. Recently she treated a lump in my leg that I had for at least a year. The lump is completely gone after just one treatment. She does a thorough job and has the gift of being able to feel where the problem areas are—and treats them. She has my undying gratitude.” -Lois Brusko

“I came to see Lauren because I was having chronic debilitating headaches and felt totally drained of energy. My face and eyes were all puffy; my skin was white and pasty. I longed for the days of looking vibrant and vigorous! Lauren was able to diagnose what was going on and what my body (and emotions) needed. First she entirely cleared my head with her acupuncture treatment. I hadn’t felt this clear-headed in months. Then she actually made the headache disappear...something no Excedrin, Aspirin or Advil could do once it started! It was miraculous. Afterwards she gave me a list of what foods to eat and to avoid, plus Chinese herbs specifically for my condition. Within a week, I have my energy back! When I look in the mirror, not only do I look healthy but ten years younger! It’s not just my imagination either because today 3 different people commented on how good I look!!!!! THANKYOU” -CarolG.

" I Want to let you know that I woke up this morning without a stiff / headachy feeling for the first time in months! Whatyou did yesterday definitely worked.
Starting to get some stiffness after sitting at my desk all day but still not as bad as before.
Thank you!!!! Have a great weekend and see you next week" --Vilia

Lauren, I just want you to know that I so appreciate all that you do for me.
You are gifted with a kind and open heart, a caring and healing attitude filled with good intentions.
That makes you very special.
I will call you about next week.

Hi Lauren,
Had to take a sec to tell you just how much you are helping me! It's crazy!
Every day I just assume that I'll probably head back into the direction of tightness and headaches (my usual) and every day I am actually taken a back by how good I feel. No tightness and no headaches. It's the best!!!
I really just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for me.
Thank you!
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

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