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About - Into the Light Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine in Arlington Heights, IL Lauren Pitasch MSOM LA.c

I received my training at the Midwest Collage of Oriental Medicine I am nationally cerrtified by the NCCAOM with a masters degree in the Scienmce of Oriental Medicine

I have a Background in Art, I earned my BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago, I also hold a Cosmetologist license. I combine multiple modalities in facilitating multidememsional healing experiences, I blend eclectic treatment strategies, balancing the energetics of the mind -body- spirit connection, integrating many aspects of Oriental medicine, treating a full range of health imbalances.                          

I treats acute and chronic conditions including muscular-skeletal trauma and emotional upsets; I specializes in anti-aging medicine, women’s health and can work with metabolic and neurological disharmonies.                                      

My intention is to assist others in achieving a space within, where healing can occur,discovering balance, transforming disharmonies and integration of any trauma or discomfort that is presenting.                                                                                       The correct alignment will create a higher quality of life, and peace of mind.

Acupuncture in Arlington Heights, IL
Into the Light Acupuncture
Lauren Pitasch MSOM LA.c