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Lauren Pitasch MSOM LA.c

I graduated fromThe Midwest Collage of Oriental Medicine with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine in 2005. I am nationally cerrtified with the NCCAOM.               In 1994 I earned bachlors degree in fine art, (BFA) from The Art Institute of Chicago, and currently hold a Cosmetologist license.                                                 I enjoy being of service and practicing in the healing arts.                             Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture and becoming skilled in multiple modalities, allows for creative treament stratagies, Which assist with facilitating multidimensional healing experiences.                                                                                             Deep vibrational Therapy, Myo- Fascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapies are used in balancing the energetics of the   mind/  body/spirit connection. Many aspects of TCM - Herbal Formulas, Supplementation and Nutritional guidence is optimal in treating a full range of health imbalances.                          

I treat acute as well as chronic conditions,including; Muscle-Skeletal Trauma, Emotional Upsets, Anti-aging and overall Health including preventive measures.       Balancing of the Central Nervous System is key, I also treat Metabolic and Neurological Disharmonies.                                      

My intention is to assist others in achieving a space within, where healing can occur, discovering balance, transformation and integration of any trauma or discomfort that is presenting.                                                                                       The correct alignment will create a higher quality of life and peace of mind.

*Acu-Vibration                               *Cupping                               *Moxibustion                                     *Hot Stones                                 *Myo- Fascial Release                     *Cranial Sacral Therapy               *Chinese Herbal Medicine             *Astrological Services               *Nutritional guidence 

Acupuncture in Arlington Heights, IL
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Lauren Pitasch MSOM LA.c